Find Our New Locations

Find our new locations

During renovation of the former District Office Building, staff members who normally work there have moved to the Temporary Village of modular buildings located in Lot 5 at Foothill College. When the renovation is completed, the district's Education Technology Services (ETS) will move into the building and a new location will be found for District Offices.

Phone numbers and email for all personnel/departments remain the same. Plant Services has not moved. ETS staff who were housed in the District Office Building are now located in the annex, Building D-140.

You can see the locations of all departments housed in Lot 5 trailers by clicking on this map

Following are the locations for the departments that moved to the Temporary Village:

Chancellor's Office – Enter through purple door 5950

Human Resources/Vice Chancellor & Personnel Services – Enter through blue door 5934

Human Resources/ Benefits & Employment Services – Enter through blue door 5991

Business Services/Accounts Payable (AP) & Payroll – Enter through green door 5921

Business Services/Vice Chancellor & Accounting – Enter through green door 5982

Please call (650) 949-6100 if you need additional information.


Updated Jan. 5, 2015