2017 District Opening Day General Workshops

District Opening Day

General workshops

September 21, 2017 - 1:00-2:00 p.m.

De Anza College - Media and Learning Center (MLC) and Hinson Campus Center


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Hinson Campus Center, Conf. Rooms A/B 

Association of Classified Employees (ACE) Update and Ice Cream Social – Enjoy ice cream, connect with colleagues and join the conversation around ACE's agenda for the 2017-18 year, including updates on negotiations and the classification study.

Presenter:  Chris White, ACE President

MLC 102

Assessment for Placement:  The Conversation Continues! – Join us for an overview of the many changes taking place in the Assessment World--Common Assessment adoption, MMAP Piloting (use of high school transcript assessment for placement) and more!

Presenters:  Casie Wheat, Assessment Center Supervisor, and Andrew LaManque, Associate Vice President, Instruction

Assessment for Placement presentation

MLC 103

Adult Education Block Grant – Since 2015, the State of California has invested more than ½ billion dollars per year through the Adult Education Block Grant to support local consortia committed to establishing pathways for adult school students to successfully transition to community college. This workshop is an interactive panel discussion with current and former adult school students about the challenges they have encountered when transitioning from adult school to community college and steps they have taken to overcome these challenges. In addition, counselors and staff from the local consortium who support these students will discuss some of the existing better practices and efforts we have created to help these students succeed. We invite you to join our discussion and learn about how you can help us with this important mission.

Workshop outcomes

Attendees can expect the following takeaways:

  • A better understanding of the population of students who transition from adult schools, their needs, the challenges they face, and how you can help
  • Increased knowledge of the adult schools and the many programs, support services, and resources available from the local student transition consortium.

Presenters:  Thomas Ray, Dean, Language Arts; Paul Starer, Dean, Language Arts and Learning Resource Center; Sharon Turner, Director K-14 Pathways, Regional TAP CTE Pathways; Janie Garcia, Mountain View Los Altos Adult School; Anthony Moss, Palo Alto Adult School; Felisa Vilaubi, De Anza College/Fremont Union High School District Adult School; and students

MLC 105 

Tacking Windward, in Full Sail: The Faculty Association (FA) Heads into Fall –Come and meet your newly elected FA leadership while we discuss our goals and some important local, state and national issues for the upcoming year.

Presenters:  Tim Shively, FA President; Amy Edwards, FA Vice President; Bob Stockwell, FA Executive Secretary; Kathy Perino, FA Chief Negotiator; Nicole Gray, FA Grievance Officer; and Mary Ellen Goodwin, FA Part-time Associate Secretary

MLC 108 

Saving for Retirement with 403(b) and 457(b) District Payroll brings awareness to our employees on the 403(b) and 457(b) plans that are available to save for retirement during District employment. The District currently sponsors the following nine vendors in 403(b) Tax Shelter Annuities and three in 457(b) Deferred Compensations Plans.

403(b) Vendors


457(b) Vendors

1. American Funds  [Plan# 96594]


1. EBSG – Employee Benefits

Services Group

2. Fidelity Invest. [Plan# 51275]



3. Foresters Financial


3. CalSTRS Pension2 [Plan#401803]

4. Metropolitan Life Insurance



5. Midland National Life Insurance



6. VOYA Financial



7. CalSTRS Pension2 [Plan#400764]



8. VALIC [Plan# 02190]



9. Vanguard [Plan# 10100722]



There will be vendor representatives (*) and independent financial advisors on site prior to and after the workshop for the attendees to ask questions and pick up reference materials. One raffle ticket will be given to each attendee at the start of the workshop. Raffle prizes will be drawn at the end of the presentation (you must be present to win).

(*) EBSG, Fidelity Investments, Forester Financial, STRS Pension2, VALIC, VOYA Financial.

Those who are unable to attend, please visit for reference or contact for further assistance.    

Presenter:  Nancy Chao, Payroll Supervisor

 MLC 109

Department Chairs Salon – In the tradition of literary/artistic salons, where writers and artists convene to discuss and exchange ideas, we invite all experienced and new department chairs in our district to join in a welcoming and supportive gathering to discuss nuts and bolts of the work of department chairing. We will offer tips and resources we are privy to in our own experiences as department chairs and in shared governance work (Academic Senate, Curriculum, FA, Professional Development, etc.). De Anza's Academic Senate has developed a webpage of resources for Department Chairs, including a Department Chair Operational Handbook (

We will address questions such as: 

How do I run an effective department meeting?

How can I best handle curriculum processes (e.g. curriculum updates and other curriculum changes)?

What campus resources can I turn to for help?

How do chairs participate in campus resource allocations processes?

Other questions about how to address chair issues........?

We will ask participants to refrain from discussing specific personnel issues or compensation issues, as this is not the appropriate forum for that. 

Presenters:  Karen Chow, English instructor; Alicia De Toro, Environmental Studies Instructor; Sal Breiter, Humanities Instructor; Isaac Escoto, Counselor; Carolyn Holcroft, Faculty Professional Development Coordinator; Tono Ramirez, Philosophy Instructor; and Erik Woodbury, Chemistry Instructor

 MLC 110

Foothill and De Anza — Early History and Great Moments – If you are a new faculty or staff member, this walk though the early years of Foothill and De Anza will help you understand the vision of our founders and how our colleges became two of the best in the nation. If you are not new to the colleges, you will still learn facts and details about your campus that are little known and will have the opportunity to view rare photos, films and videos of our colleges. The presentation will cover the early years of both institutions, from 1956-1970, in detail. We will then cover selected events and facts since 1970, including names of buildings (Who was Marge Hinson? Who were the Lohmans?), famous visitors and a few surprises. 

Presenter:  Marty Kahn, Technology Resource Coordinator/District Historical Archivist

 MLC 111

Gen Z is Here! Are You Ready? – Gen Z, those digital natives who are ultra “tech-centric” are enrolling at our colleges today! This new generation of students is bringing some different challenges, a language all their own and their “have-it-all” expectations and entrepreneurial attitudes. Learn about their characteristics, expectations and hopes. Discuss strategies to retool some of the ways we teach, deliver support services and help them to be successful.  Even take away some additional understanding of their Gen Z communications! Lol!

Presenter:  Denise Swett, Vice President Student Services

MLC 112 

Understanding Student Outcomes Through Data – Do you want to learn more about student outcomes?  There are multiple resources now available that will allow you to track outcomes for Foothill-De Anza programs and students.  Two of them are tools customized specifically for our staff and faculty to use.  This workshop will teach you how to use these tools effectively for Program Review, student success, and other purposes. If possible, please bring a laptop computer with you for hands-on training.

Presenters:  David Ulate, Executive Director, Institutional Research and Planning, and Elaine Kuo, College Researcher

MLC 113 

Addressing Student Issues and Behavior in the Classroom: There Are Options –Our students come to us with a myriad of issues, abilities, disabilities and life experiences that can influence their ability to fully participate in the classroom. We have resources available to assist both the student and you to achieve a successful outcome. This workshop will describe the various resources and options available and how to access those. We will also discuss some of the outcomes you might expect when utilizing these resources.

Presenters:  Michele LeBleu Burns, Dean, EOPS/Care & Student Development; Katherine Fortune, Administrative Assistant; Stacey Shears, Dean, DSP&S; and Teresa Ong, Dean Disabled Student Services & Veterans Programs

MLC 243 

Learn About More Features of the New VoIP Phone System – Learn about the online Self Care Portal to set up Personal Contacts, VM notifications and more; Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence using Jabber on your computer; and making and receiving calls on your cell phone using the Jabber app with your district assigned phone number - a feature requested by faculty.  Experience live demonstrations. 

Presenter:  Sharon Luciw, Director, Networks, Communications, and Computer Services

 MLC 255

Securing the Human – Helpful security awareness training to use at home and at work to protect yourself against cyber risks.

Presenter:  Joe Moreau, Vice Chancellor of Technology

MLC 260

De Anza College Tenure Review – This interactive training session is your opportunity to gain essential knowledge and useful skills directly related to your work as a Tenure Review Committee member.  Topics covered include overview of the tenure review process and Article 6A, Tenure Review Committee responsibilities and timeline, conducting and reporting a classroom observation, and writing a Tenure Review Committee recommendation.

Presenters: Nicole Gray, FA Grievance Officer, and Mary Bennett, De Anza Tenure Review Coordinator

MLC 270

(meet in MLC 260 for first part of presentation) 

Foothill College Tenure Review Training – Serving on a Tenure Review Committee beginning in Fall 2017? This workshop will (re)familiarize you with the process for Tenure Review Committees and practices that make for effective committees. Topics covered include overview of the tenure review process and Article 6A, Tenure Review Committee responsibilities and timeline, conducting and reporting a classroom observation, and writing a Tenure Review Committee recommendation. Current Tenure Review Committee members are welcome to attend.

Presenter: Nicole Gray, FA Grievance Officer, and Falk Cammin, Foothill Tenure Review Coordinator