2018 District Opening Day General Workshops



District Opening Day

General workshops

9:45-10:45 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.-noon

Foothill College


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Session One - 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Location Workshop
Room 1219

SLOs and the Curriculum Process: Assessment Aimed at Improvement

During the 2017/18 year, De Anza's SLO Committee introduced measures that more formally tie SLO assessment to the curriculum development/review process.  In this workshop, we will address the role that SLOs play broadly in the official Course Outline of Record, distinguishing them from course objectives and emphasizing the significance that they play in shaping methods of evaluation.  We will then discuss the newly introduced 'SLO Verification Form', explaining its role in the curriculum processes at De Anza and exploring its potential to more effectively (and easily) integrate SLO assessment into everyday pedagogical decisions.

Presenters: Toño Ramirez, Philosophy Instructor; Mary Pape, Computer Information Systems Instructor; Veronica Acevedo-Avila, Reading Program Instructor

Room 1401

Building Assignments/Projects Into Your Courses That Students Can Use to Present at the Foothill College Research and Service Leadership Symposium

Presenting at a symposium to a college-wide audience can provide a deep motivational drive for students to engage in projects about which they are passionate.  The Foothill College Research and Service Leadership Symposium offers a great opportunity to engage students in significant and impactful learning.  In this workshop, we will discuss ways in which you can incorporate projects or assignment into your classes that students could use to present at the RSL Symposium.  De Anza students are welcome to apply and present as well.  Examples from instructors will be provided and there will be dedicated time for brainstorming.

Presenter: Ben Stefonik, Psychology Instructor and Coordinator, Research and Service Leadership Symposium

Room 1901 (President's Conference Room) 

The ATM (Affordable Texts and Materials) Project

Did you know that often the highest cost for students to attend community college is not fees but the cost of textbooks?  Come join us for a fun way to learn and share the many strategies that faculty and staff have used to lower the costs of textbooks and course materials.

Presenters:  Lydia Hearn, English Instructor, and Wil Byars, Library Technician

Room 2018 (Council Chambers) 

Starfish Early Alert and Retention:  A Holistic Approach to Student Success

It takes a community, and at Foothill De Anza CCD this means all instructors, counselors and staff working together for student success.  Starfish is a communication portal serving the Foothill De Anza community. This session will discuss how Starfish supports the implementation of AB 705 and the Integrated Plan (Basic Skills Initiative, Student Equity and Student Success and Support Program) by bridging the connection between instructors, programs, services and students to facilitate delivery of core services and student retention.  Hear about the De Anza model, the Foothill model, and see a demo of the Starfish Early Alert & Retention tool.  Come and explore how Starfish may support your current student success goals and initiatives.

Presenters:  Dr. Sheila White-Daniels, Dean, Counseling and Student Services; Patricia Del Rio, Starfish Early Alert/Retention Program Coordinator; Sushini Chand, Starfish Early Alert/Retention Program Student Success Specialist; Adrienne Hypolite, Owl Scholars Program Coordinator; Dokesha Meacham, Owl Scholars Program Counselor; and Chris Chavez, Owl Scholars Support Specialist

Room 3304 

AB 705: What Will It Look Like at Foothill and De Anza in Fall 2018?

With the passage of AB 705, De Anza and Foothill colleges are required to re-envision their placement process, curricular design, concurrent supports and non-curricular supports to maximize a students' likelihood of successfully completing transfer-level math and English within one year. Representatives from the English and math departments at both colleges will share changes to assessment, curriculum and student supports being implemented in fall 2018 during the pilot year as well as plans for full implementation in fall 2019. Join us for this interactive, informative and engaging presentation and discussion around AB 705.

Presenters: Thomas Ray, Language Arts Dean; Jerry Rosenberg, Physical Science, Math and Engineering Dean; Ram Subramaniam, Physical Science, Math and Engineering Dean; Paul Starer, Language Arts Dean


Session Two - 11:00 a.m.-noon

Location Workshop
Room 1219 

Building Equity:  Creating an Online Student Support Services Ecosystem

This workshop will explore how developing and providing an Online Ecosystem for online students can lead to equity-minded services for all students.

Presenters: Bonnie Peters, Chief Student Services Officer Online Education Initiative (OEI), and Marilyn Harvey, Dean, OEI - Academic Affairs

Room 1401 

Our Words Are Our Bond: Faculty Interests in Reopening the Agreement

Join us for this participatory workshop in which Faculty Association (FA) officers solicit members’ ideas about what works, what needs work, and what else they’d like to see in the impending contractual revision. 

Presenters: Tim Shively, FA President; Amy Edwards, FA Vice President; Bob Stockwell, FA Executive Secretary; Kathy Perino, FA Chief Negotiator; Nicole Gray, FA Grievance Officer; Mary Ellen Goodwin, FA Part-time Associate Secretary; Karen Erickson and Harman Dhaliwal, FA Conciliators

Room 1901 (President's Conference Room) 

Infinity Leadership

Do you want to be a super hero in leadership or just learn some strengths of powerful leaders? Each day we have leadership opportunities where we stand. Join Karen Hunter for a workshop on strengths to use to make you an everyday super leader.

Presenter: Karen Hunter, Financial Aid Assistant and De Anza College Classified Senate Past President

Room 2020 (Toyon Room) 

Saving for Retirement with 403(b) and 457(b) Workshop and Introduction to Retirement Manager System for Managing Your Supplemental Retirement Accounts in 403(b) and 457(b)

District Payroll brings awareness to our employees on the 403(b) and 457(b) plans that are available to save for retirement during District employment. We are also introducing the required online access to Retirement Manager System for our employees to manage their supplemental retirement accounts. The District currently sponsors the following nine vendors in 403(b) Tax Shelter Annuities and three in 457(b) Deferred Compensations Plans.

403(b) Vendors


457(b) Vendors

1. American Funds  [Plan# 96594]


1. EBSG – Employee Benefits

Services Group

2. Fidelity Invest. [Plan# 51275]



3. Foresters Financial


3. CalSTRS Pension2 [Plan#401803]

4. Metropolitan Life Insurance



5. Midland National Life Insurance



6. VOYA Financial



7. CalSTRS Pension2 [Plan#400764]



8. VALIC [Plan# 02190]



9. Vanguard [Plan# 10100722]



There will be vendor representatives (*) and independent financial advisors on site prior to and after the workshop for the attendees to ask questions and pick up reference materials. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided throughout the workshop (sponsored by the attending vendors).

(*) EBSG, Foresters Financial, STRS Pension2, VALIC, King Financial and Alta Financial Group

Those who are unable to attend, please visit for reference or contact for further assistance.    

Presenter:  Nancy Chao, Payroll Supervisor