2019 District Opening Day One-Hour Workshops



District Opening Day

One-hour workshops

9:45-10:45 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.-noon

Foothill College


Session One - 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Location Workshop
Room 1901 (President's Conference Room)

Transitions, Pathways, Success—Oh My!

As our Adult School-Community College Consortium works to transition students from the adult schools to the community colleges and increase enrollment, persistence, and completion, our consortium is grappling with what a successful adult school student in college looks like. Specifically, what are the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are universal to success and what supports are needed at the adult schools and colleges to create additional success?  As we began our planning to explore this, we found the need to have a meatier data set that tracks our adult school students after they transition to community college. A year in the making, come see our Data Dashboard and learn about how we plan to use it in 2019-2020 to increase student success and transition more students in this demographic set. Also eye-opening is a data that tracks the student enrollment and revenue generated for the community colleges from our transitioned adult school students. Learn about what our adult school transition counselors and community college counselors and outreach assistants are working on. This will include an overview of our related goals and strategies in our three-year plan.

Presenters:  Peggy Raun-Linde, North Santa Clara County Consortium Director; Anthony Moss, Palo Alto Adult School Transition Advisor; Julie Vo, Mountain View Adult School Assistant Director; Adrienne Moberly, Fremont Union Adult School Vice Principal; Amy Sarver, English as a Second Language Instructor; Felisa Vilaubi, Counselor; and David Ulate, Executive Director,  Institutional Research and Planning

Room 2020 (Toyon Room)

The CVC-OEI:  Continuing to Improve Online Learning

Presenting at a symposium to a collegewide audience can provide a deep motivational drive for students to engage in projects about which they are passionate. The Foothill College Research and Service Leadership (RSL) Symposium offers a great opportunity to engage students in significant and impactful learning. In this workshop, we will discuss ways in which you can incorporate projects or assignment into your classes that students could use to present at the RSL Symposium. De Anza students are welcome to apply and present as well. Examples from instructors will be provided and there will be dedicated time for brainstorming.

Presenters:  Autumn Bell, Director, Professional Development; CVC-OEI; Bonnie Peters, Director, Student Experience, CVC-OEI; Kate Jordahl, Director of Academic Affairs and Consortia, CVC-OEI

Room 2313 (Hearthside Lounge) 

Saving for Retirement With 403(b) and 457(b)

District Payroll brings awareness to our employees regarding saving for retirement with 403(b) and 457(b) plans during employment with the District. The District currently has nine available vendors in 403(b) Tax Shelter Annuities and three in 457(b) Deferred Compensations Plans. There will be vendor representatives (*) and independent financial advisors (**) on site prior to and after the workshop for the attendees to ask questions and pick up reference materials. 

(*) EBSG, First Investors Funds, STRS Pension2, VALIC

(**) King Financial and Alta Financial Group
Those who are unable to attend, please visit for reference or contact to request for handout or for further assistance.

Presenters:  David Creech, VALIC, and Nancy Chao, Payroll Supervisor

Room 3106 

Guided Pathways:  Seeing What Is Possible

Come join us in a fun and interactive setting to learn how De Anza College is using Guided Pathways to help students navigate college and reach their educational goals more successfully.  Learn more about meta-majors, our instructional and student support services, and how you can get involved.

Presenters:  Kim Palmore, English Instructor, and Lydia Hearn, English Instructor

Room 3404 

Ready to Use Open Educational Resources (OER)? Let's Get Started!

By now you’ve heard about FREE textbooks and low-cost course materials being implemented in the District - and across the planet - but how do you jump in with as little hassle as possible? Wil and Mark will show you how! They will provide you with clear pathways and strategies to access and review free- and low-cost materials for your courses and update you on the fast-growing community of faculty and non-profit organizations leading the fight against high textbook costs. If not now, when?

Presenters:  Wil Byars, Senior Library Technician, and Mark Healy, Psychology Instructor


Session Two - 11:00 a.m.-noon

Location Workshop
Room 2020 (Toyon Room) 

Help More Students Succeed in Your Online Class With Course Design Academy

Did you know that De Anza and Foothill instructors teaching online are eligible to participate in a free professional development program that has been shown to increase online student success rates? By participating in Course Design Academy, you will receive personalized recommendations on the design of your Canvas course by a peer reviewer and course design support from dedicated instructional designers. We will even help you make your course fully accessible! And best of all, it’s all provided online - no travel or all-day workshops required. In the end, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are teaching a course that supports online students with the highest levels of quality and accessibility! Come meet the Course Design Academy team that’s here to help you and find out more!

Presenters:  Autumn Bell, Director of Professional Development, CVC-OEI; Helen Graves, Instructional Designer, CVC-OEI/@ONE; and Stacey Carrasco, Program Coordinator, CVC-OEI/@ONE

Room 3203

Help! How Do I Put "Equity" Into Action (and What Does That Even Mean)?

We are all expected to work towards equitable outcomes for the students we serve, but we all grapple with how to make this actually happen. Are we doing it right? Could I be doing it better? What works for other people? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, join us in this networking session to learn from others and collaboratively address these questions.

Presenters:  Alicia Cortez, Dean, Equity & Engagement, and Mallory Newell, Supervisor, Institutional Research and Planning

Room 3204 

Finding Our Moral Compass in Challenging Times

As our campus communities face distressing and dismaying national and global realities, and as we collectively face the impacts of the ongoing budget crisis locally, how do we engage in conversations that help us find our moral grounding as we consider how to frame and follow through on the choices we will need to make at every level of our institutions? The lens of Carolyn Forché will provide a frame to inform and deepen our dialogical process.

Presenters:  Andrew Phelps, Mathematics Instructor; Edmundo Norte, Dean, Intercultural/International Studies; and Carolyn Forché, Poet


Room 3301 

The New Student Centered Funding Formula:  Unraveling the Complexities Behind It

This workshop will explore the nuances of the Student Centered Funding Formula that was implemented in fiscal year 2018-19 from a statewide perspective down to the local effects that Foothill-De Anza Community College District needs to be mindful about. The funding formula has many different facets and layers that need to be understood by both district and campus personnel in order to achieve the funding to fully meet the needs of all of our students. Come learn about how you can be a part of the efforts to achieve the numerous metrics that make up the Student Centered Funding Formula!

Presenter:  Susan Cheu, Interim Vice Chancellor, Business Services